Records of the Work Projects Administration [WPA]

The WPA was established in May 1935 specifically as a work relief program for the millions of individuals left unemployed during the Depression. Its name changed to the Work Projects Administration in 1939 when it fell under the administrative hand of the newly created federal works Agency.

Work Progress Administration (WPA) As part of the emergency relief appropriation act of 1935, the Works Progress Administration (later renamed the Works Projects Administration) was created to. The WPA commonly refers to the many agencies established by the; The Works Progress Administration.

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The records from the New Deal vary in what they contain. Works Projects/ Progress Administration (WPA), Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA).

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The Works Progress Administration was a New Deal Agency that was. Within the Kentucky Digital Library are WPA photographic images that.

Established in 1939, the Work Projects Administration (WPA) provided jobs to unemployed workers through public projects (sponsored by national, state and local agencies) and on defense and war-related projects. The agency also provided work to unemployed youth through the National Youth Administration (NYA). The WPA was preceeded by three agencies which operated between 1933 and 1939: the Civil.

Title: Work Projects Administration. Index to Reference Cards for wpa project files. dates: 1935-1939 Record Series: 32376 Quantity: 4 rolls 16mm microfilm (#07742-07745) Abstract: The National Archives has custody of the project files of the former Work Projects Administration (WPA), 1935-1942. Before the WPA disbanded, it microfilmed its project files on 16 mm microfilm.

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According to the Project Proposal (WPA Form 301), the purpose of the Project is to “collect, check, edit, index, and otherwise prepare for use WPA records, Professional and Service Projects.” The Writers’ Unit of the Library of Congress Project processes material left over from or not needed for publication by the state Writers’ Projects.

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