This Is the Salary You Need to Afford the Average Home in Your State

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But how much do you need to be earning to afford a home in town? According to mortgage research site, an annual salary of $45,284.07 will get you an average house in Atlanta. which stats.

What You Need To Earn On A State-By-State Basis. Here is the hourly wage that a household must earn in order to afford the "fair market rent" for a two-bedroom rental unit without having to hand over more than 30 percent of their income. These numbers assume you work for 40 hours a week and 52 weeks a year.

Given that many financial advisors recommend the total cost of housing take up no more than 30 percent of gross income (i.e. the amount before taxes, retirement savings, etc.), the data team used that rule as a benchmark to calculate the minimum salary needed to afford the average home in each state. The figures are based on 30-year mortgages.

 · To see just where, we asked real estate consulting firm Veritas Urbis Economics to help us calculate the salary you’d need to earn to buy a home in each state, based on recent listing prices from Trulia. We assumed the home buyer put 10% down and took out a 30-year fixed mortgage at a rate of 4.8% – close to today’s national average.

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To afford a one-bedroom rental unit, when factoring in the 30 percent rule, a renter would need to earn at least $17.14 per hour. That means she would need to work 94.5 hours per week. In addition, the rental market is tight.

As home prices continue to rise in the kansas city area, how much do you need to make to afford a home when factoring in interest, taxes and insurance payments?

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