black mold dangers

Shemane shared the story of her recovery from the effects of black mold to encourage women to recognize the warning signs of their number one killer, heart disease. “Shemane authentically and.

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Over 50 molds are considered problematic, including Stachybotrys, more commonly known as "black mold". Pulmonary hemosiderosis has been linked to toxic.

Mold may not cause any health problems, or it may lead to allergy or other symptoms in people, including adults and children, who are sensitive to molds. Allergic reactions to mold are the most common health effects of mold and are therefore the greatest health risk related to mold.

The term "Toxic Black Mold" has absolutely no scientific validation. It is a term made up by the media. Unfortunately, much like a video that goes viral, the term has resonated with both private companies that use it to exemplify potential dangers, and public officials, who seek to regulate the industry.

5 Things You Should Know about Toxic Mold Illness. Are you referring to stachy , black aspergillus mold mycotoxins , or less harmful ones ?

So, you find some mold in your home. How do you know if it’s dangerous? There are nearly a thousand types of household molds. Dangerous molds produce mycotoxins that have been linked to immune.

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“Many molds can cause allergens that can affect some of the population, but some molds can also cause toxins, which can affect everyone, depending on the length of exposure,” according to the non-profit Mold Help organization. Knowing the dangers of mold can help you determine if it’s a threat in your home.

"I was told two weeks ago I had to move because of mold . . . not the dangerous type I’m told. and Consulting Inc. which pointed out several areas of concern including a "black mold problem" in the.

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There has been a lot of attention in the media about the dangers of “black mold” and its adverse affect on our health. Can black mold affect your health?

Signs & Symptoms of Ingesting Mold. Mold can become a health problem whenever you come into contact with it. Ingesting mold can cause problems in certain situations, sometimes more severe than other forms of contact.

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