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 · I n the final months of 2011, almost two years before the city of Detroit would shock America by declaring bankruptcy in the face of what it claimed were insurmountable pension costs, the state of Rhode Island took bold action to avert what it called its own looming pension crisis. Led by its newly elected treasurer, Gina Raimondo – an ostentatiously ambitious 42-year-old Rhodes scholar and.

European political leaders are making the same mistake in reacting to the massacre at the Christmas fair in Berlin, in which 12 died, as they did during previous terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels.There is an over-concentration on the failings of the security services in not identifying and neutralising the Tunisian petty criminal, Anis Amri, as the threat he turned out to be.

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To the east lies the oil rich Caspian Sea. High in the remote hillside forests of the border area which separates Thailand from Burma, organised syndicates ply an.. is of inestimable worth is a non-negotiable: “We must not tamper with God's word. Two other writer, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley made their own.

Lindsay Anderson is not just irreplaceable. and a man born to lead who found himself in a subordinate role. His strengths were his Orwellian clarity of mind, the fierce devotion he gave his chosen.

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Schwab’s notion is that “Oriental” identifies an amateur or professional enthusiasm for everything Asiatic, which was wonderfully synonymous with the exotic, the mysterious, the profound, the seminal; this is a later transposition eastwards of a similar enthusiasm in Europe for Greek and Latin antiquity during the High Renaissance.

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