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—– Contents Preface xv Conference Committee xvi session 1 radon indoor air pollution Evaluation of Radon Movement Through Soil and Foundation Substructures Marc 3 Y. Menetrez, Ronald B. Mosley, Richard Snoddy, et al. Comparison of Measurement Techniques for Soil Permeability in EPA’s Soil-Gas 9 Chamber Ronald B. Mosley, Marc Y. Menetrez, D. Bruce Harris, et al. Radon in Florida Large.

 · Various embodiments of the invention provide human receptors and membrane-associated proteins (REMAP) and polynucleotides which identify and encode REMAP. Embodiments of the invention also provide expression vectors, host cells, anti-bodies, agonists, and antagonists. Other embodiments provide methods for diagnosing, treating, or preventing disorders associated with aberrant expression.

Mesoscopic analysis of a network pertains to those substructures that occur at a level much higher than few nodes but at a scale lower than whole network. In a brain network, knowing the mesoscopic organization can characterize its basic structural and functional make up.

INTRODUCTION. A novel coronavirus was responsible for the sudden epidemic, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak, in 2003. Coronaviruses are positive-strand RNA viruses with large genomes [30 000 nucleotides (nt)] that serve as templates for translation of viral proteins and for replication. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

Mayilvahanan Alagan Chella currently works as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, University of Notre Dame.

Although, in aggregate, these statistics might seem like an extreme case in community vulnerability, they are not dissimilar from some of the conditions of, at least portions of, many of our most earthquake-prone communities in southern and northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the.

Optic nerve diffusion tensor imaging parameters and their correlation with optic disc topography and disease severity in adult glaucoma patients and controls. (Chang ST, Xu J, Trinkaus K, Pekmezci M, Arthur SN, Song SK, Barnett EM) J Glaucoma 2014 Oct-Nov;23(8):513-20 18 Citations: 1


Correlations of Sequences Modulo one and Statistics of Geometrical Objects Associated to Visible Points Zaharescu, Alexandru Postdoctoral Researcher, mathematics Institute, University of Gottingen, Germany

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Moreover, with experimental variation carefully controlled, detailed correlations show that the distribution of sites was generally reproducible for a specific factor between different laboratories and microarray platforms. data sets associated with histone modifications have particularly strong correlations.

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